2020 was an extraordinary year. While the global pandemic may have brought with it more uncertainty and setbacks than positives, it certainly forced us to think differently about our purpose, being relevant and making meaningful contributions to our clients.

Over the past month or so, we’ve spent time on finding new ways to tackle the challenges that our clients and we as an agency face, and to make an impact on our clients’ businesses and their audiences. We’ve also thought deeply about how we as creative problem solvers will approach this year. We conducted an internal survey to define our strategy for the year, and so that every person in our agency could feel invested about the way forward.

This year, our focus is MAKE IT MATTER. What does this mean? We want to make a difference – for our clients, our audiences, our communities and each other.

Because it matters to our clients, it matters to us

From the smallest, seemingly insignificant request to the biggest, through-the-line campaign, every action we take, matters. If we all play our part in making a difference in everything we do – and do it with intent and to the best of our abilities – then we can exceed expectations and help our clients achieve great things.

Because it matters to our audiences, it matters to us

We’re in this business because we enjoy creating exceptional work and connecting and engaging with people. We have the opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of our clients’ clients, by amplifying their brand messaging and building their businesses through every value-adding creative, platform and content that we produce.

Because it matters to our communities, it matters to us

As specialists in our respective fields, we have a responsibility to share knowledge, inspire, nurture and uplift each other, our interns, our communities through our pro bono work, our suppliers who we support and help develop, as well as other small businesses that we invest in through enterprise development.

Let’s make 2021 matter. Are you with us?