With the announcement by our President, COVID-19 is on everyone’s minds and is an important and urgent topic in every business today.

Businesses are likely to feel the impact on their bottom line, as it becomes necessary for employees and clients to self-isolate or be put under quarantine. In a crisis situation like this, communication is more important than ever and maintaining a calm, collected brand voice and keeping open channels of communication with clients, team members and stakeholders is critical.

To support you with communication during this time, Stratitude is offering a CORONAVIRUS COMMUNICATION PACK, which will assist you to communicate with your employees, clients, business partners and communities in a professional, concise manner.

The pack consists of communication elements personalised to your brand:

Employee Communication:

  • Email to employees to inform them of steps taken now and in future
  • Educational posters to put up in offices and rest rooms
  • Infographic to educate employees on the virus and personal safety
  • Video from the CEO to address employees remotely
  • Screensaver for employee desktops


External Communication:

  • Email to clients, customers or business partners informing them of business continuity processes and systems
  • Website alerts and banners
  • Social media posts and blog articles
  • Video from the CEO to address partners
  • Contact centre script


To assist with business continuity, our in-house video production team is on hand to help with the recording of videos, should you need to do remote training, team briefings or announcements.

To give you an idea of how you can use video, here are two short videos that have been used to great effect:

  • Need some pointers on how to communicate with your staff?  Watch this video
  • Not sure if you should put anything about the Coronavirus on your website?  Here are some pointers


If you need more assistance or information on our Coronavirus-related communication solutions, please feel free to get in touch now!