Do you feel like your brand is not in the shape it used to be, is a little off-colour or always running on empty? It may be suffering from brand-neglectivitus. But don’t panic, it’s not life-threatening, your brand just needs some TLC.

With a marketing climate plagued by disruption, clutter, and diminished ROI, it’s more challenging than ever for a brand to be on top of its game. Conveying a strong brand message and winning over audiences to take action, means a brand needs to be in optimal health, plus have all the essentials at its disposal to achieve its objectives.

The remedy is this – a good measure of all the brand and communication essentials from our brand health kit.

Stratitude’s brand health kit unpacked:


Without strategy, creative is just pretty pictures and content is just noise. Eliciting someone to take action goes beyond just broadcasting creative messaging through media. A strategy-driven philosophy harnesses the development of integrated strategies that speak to an overall brand identity, and is vital in achieving an organisation’s goals. Stratitude’s Vitamin S1 is a healthy dose of strategic management that contains planning, monitoring, analysis and assessment aimed at meeting marketing goals and objectives.


Commissioning one agency for all your brand and communication needs not only leads to achieving measurable results, but also ensures your brand conveys one unified message in a unique and consistent brand voice. Stratitude’s multi-vitamin mix of advertising, creative design, public relations, internal communication, web development, direct marketing and digital marketing will solve all your agency headaches.


Partnering for long-term success adds value beyond marketing, and is vital for delivering on your business targets. Specifically formulated with your success in mind, our partnership approach ensures that we are on the same team and working towards the same goals.


Multimedia and creative content produced for campaigns can be leveraged for a range of media-communications and unleashed across multiple platforms, making your budget work harder for you. The key lies in adapting marketing collateral according to the objectives and platforms. Stratitude subscribes to the COPE model (Create Once, Publish Everywhere) which yields maximum ROI on marketing spend, and a larger campaign reach.


Cultivating a culture of creative-problem solving will lead to solid concepts executed through great creative. A healthy injection of creative thinking will ensure that the right mood is created for a message to be memorable and to motivate a response.

Bolstering your brand begins with Stratitude. With creative problem-solving at our core, we’re focussed on helping our clients’ brands succeed. Count us in and we’ll do the same for your brand! Reach out to us and we’ll set up a consultation.