Steve Jobs did it and Richard Branson is a master at it. When you’re an entrepreneur who lives by your brand, you become the brand.

When Beyers Chocolates tasked their integrated agency, Stratitude, to build the company’s brand and launch their products to the consumer market, the agency immediately saw an opportunity to have its founder, creator and master chocolatier, Kees Beyers, actively involved in the marketing plan.

“Being a qualified master chocolatier, we used Kees to our advantage to differentiate the brand from its competitors. The business has his name, so why not put his face to the marketing?” says Sylvia Schutte the Managing Director of Stratitude. “When you get a master chocolatier with an exceptional brand, it’s like having Christmas twice in one year,” she added.

“Our strategy was to profile and use Kees across the entire campaign. One of the best examples of how well this strategy has worked and how powerful he is as a brand, is the electronic recipe book we created.”

Kees developed a series of recipes over the years that’s perfect for the entire family and is suitable for any occasion. “These recipes are for anyone who loves our chocolates and in a few easy steps you can create them in the comfort of your own home. They feature some of our most popular Beyers products and local favourites such as our dark chocolate slab, Dream Bear, Sweetie Pie and Amarula chocolates,” commented Kees.

“But the real clincher was that Kees demonstrated these recipes in person, for which we created a series of videos called Kees Beyers’s Melting Moments. His passion for chocolate and his skill is clear from the video series, which we adapted into an electronic recipe book so people can print the recipes and see how Kees makes it himself. Each recipe has a write-up from Kees and we incorporated social sharing buttons so people can share their favourite recipes on social media.”

“Since rolling out the video series and digital recipe book, we’ve seen a brilliant incline on the Beyers social platforms. On Facebook alone, the videos have been viewed over 50 000 times and the recipe book, which can be downloaded from the Beyers website, has also been a winner,” says Schutte.

“We are constantly searching for ways in which we can add additional value for our clients, as we know there is no value in a missed opportunity,” she added. By creating this video series and digital recipe book, Stratitude has managed to open a door where they can easily continue adding content that drives such high volumes in social engagement and brand awareness.

“Melting Moments continues to be a huge success. I am extremely impressed with the creativity and efficiency with which this project was handled and I can’t wait to see what Stratitude comes up with next,” said Kees.