Jared Wordon and Kayleigh Kotze, members of The Living Link, have joined integrated agency Stratitude as new interns.

The Living Link is a training centre that encourages, enhances and supports the development of intellectually disabled adults, helping them attain a high quality of life. The centre focuses on life skills training, providing members with the tools they need in order to successfully enter into the mainstream work place. Both Jared and Kayleigh completed The Living Link’s Adult Integration Programme in 2016.

“We are very excited to have Kayleigh and Jared start their journeys as interns at Stratitude,” says Sylvia Schutte, managing director of Stratitude. “For the past five years, Stratitude has been working with Sunshine Association, which is a non-profit organisation that supports children with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities. This relationship has given us the insight and understanding to now welcome these two young adults into our agency environment, where they will take their first steps in establishing careers for themselves.”

Kayleigh is interning in Stratitude’s creative team and Jared is supporting the client service team.

“The Living Link is confident in Kayleigh’s and Jared’s abilities to succeed, grow and develop within their respective teams,” says Marna de Bruyn, employment consultant at The Living Link. “We value the opportunities that companies such as Stratitude create for young adults with intellectual disabilities, to not only perform meaningful work but also to participate in mainstream society. We need so much more of this in South Africa.”