“What do you need?”

“Well, everything, I guess.”

“Good, you’ve come to the right place.”

Whether you’ve just opened your doors, launched a new product, or reshaped your company’s infrastructure, you need to get your marketing elements consistent and aligned. This is easier said than done. It requires expertise and the execution can be quite overwhelming.

Let’s say you need a logo, package design, website, social media strategy, and help to optimise search for your product. With so many marketing experts and niche professionals out there, how do you decide on a company or freelancer to hire for each of these? And how will you ensure everyone works together towards the same vision?

“The truth is, you don’t have to. If you hire a full-service communications agency like Stratitude, you get an integrated through-the-line solution which includes advertising, design, branding, public relations, direct and digital marketing. You get a team of experts who will help you build more rewarding relationships with your target audiences,” says Sylvia Schutte, Managing Director of Stratitude.

Here’s why working with a full service digital marketing agency will make all the difference:

You’ll focus on what you do best.

Investing time and energy in something that is outside of your expertise, is tiresome and stressful and slows down your business growth. Don’t spend your energy doing research on the ever-evolving digital world. Leave it to the experts to be up-to-date with all the innovations. An agency will understand all of the new technologies and innovations and will make sure that all your marketing campaigns are fully leveraged to take advantage of these new developments.

You’ll save money.

Hiring an agency will most probably be less expensive than hiring an employee or attempting to do the work in-house. Getting new employees on board, training and managing them and ensuring that they have the resources to stay current and cutting edge, will be enormous. If you want to have high quality work and design, don’t sell yourself and your business short by trying to save a few rand. Full-service agencies like Stratitude work with different sized businesses and budgets and provide customisable solutions to meet the needs of every client.

Your marketing will be in sync.

Your branding should be consistent across the board and across all social channels. From your web design to your social media to your letterhead. Maintaining consistent brand messaging is invaluable and one of the biggest benefits to hiring a full-service agency. An agency that has complete in-house capabilities is better equipped to manage your brand identity and image consistently.

Agencies have the expertise and the resources.

When you work with a full service agency, you get valuable resources to help you with strategy, keyword lists, SEO, lead generation, social media, content writing, and much more. It’s one thing to get an aesthetically pleasing website, but it’s another when that same agency can help you with your overall strategy and turn your marketing into sales.

“Stratitude is a full-service communiations agency with a team of versatile professionals who excel at content marketing, business strategy, communications, graphic design, web design, digital marketing and SEO. We take pride in high quality, innovative design and development that has effective call to actions, and valuable SEO tools. We are a team of creative minds who bring exceptional value to our clients and take their business to the next level,” Schutte concludes.