This is why you should be looking for creative problem solvers instead.

We no longer call ourselves a creative agency. At Stratitude, we’re creative problem solvers.

Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is a simple process where you identify new solutions to problems, where conventional thinking has failed. Developed by Alex Osborn and Sid Parnes in the 1950s, the CPS process begins by understanding a problem, creating innovative ideas that solve that problem and then assessing and identifying which of those is the most effective solution.

Obstacles and challenges are quite simply a way of life. To find innovative answers to overcome these problems, you need to think about them in a fresh, creative – sometimes unorthodox – way. You need to think outside the box.

The current COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the world is precisely the type of challenge where you need creative problem solvers. It’s business unusual for most organisations, as they close their physical doors and operate primarily in a virtual world. In this unprecedented situation, it’s those bold and proactive businesses that adapt to these new conditions by finding resourceful ways to operate that will ultimately survive and thrive.

At Stratitude, we’re rethinking client strategies to provide creative, new solutions to problems that didn’t exist a few weeks ago. We’re moving live events onto live social media platforms, conducting quick surveys with stakeholders to gather current insights for future communication, organising motivational speakers on video conferencing platforms to keep employees engaged, arranging webinars for business leaders to stay relevant, adapting logos to show brand support for efforts related to containing the coronavirus, building online marketplaces to give businesses another revenue stream and producing CEO videos to address partners in the safety of their own homes.

Single-offering agencies, like digital or PR agencies, only think, act and consult within the services they offer. Your digital agency will not necessarily tell you why your launch would make a great press story and your PR agency might not necessarily suggest a direct mail to your database to talk about your recent company announcement. When you have a team of creative problem solvers, however, they think differently and help your business stay relevant, add value to stakeholders and move forward – even in a crisis.

Igniter strategic sessions

In a recent skype meeting with our AMIN network partner agency in Portugal, COMON, their MD talked me through a strategic process they follow with their clients called “Igniter”, whereby they map a client’s challenges, solve problems, unlock ideas and end up with a growth strategy.

MD Ricardo Pereira explained that this process works really well for them. Sometimes a client will not necessarily be looking for a creative agency and they don’t have a clear idea of what they want to brief the agency on, but by following their Igniter process, COMON entrenches themselves into the client’s business and their team of creative problem solvers help the client find an innovative solution to their challenge.

Co-create workshops

We apply the same process in Stratitude. Often clients know where they want to be but the steps to get there are unclear. Furthermore, they don’t have the information in order to brief an agency on their marketing needs, because they are not yet clear on what to ask for in that brief.

Our co-create workshops are the first kick-off, where we spend time with the client team to look at their challenges, identify possible solutions and unpack where they want to go. Following this, we do landscape research to give the client an overview of their competitors, customers and the broader business. This information, together with the workshop outcomes, gives a much clearer picture of the business and where it fits into the bigger landscape. It also helps us identify gaps, opportunities, challenges and enables us to map a way forward to then take action.

So, ask yourself, are you looking for an agency or are you looking for a team of problem solvers who will help you decide on the best solution for your business during this lockdown period and beyond? If it’s the latter, you should be talking to us.