Johannesburg, South Africa, July 8, 2016 – Introducing a live chat feature onto the website of Cell C’s customer benefit programme, GetMore, has added immense value to the user experience and has allowed the company to dramatically enhance its call centre service.

“As a customer benefit programme, GetMore’s focus is 100% on our members,” says Adrian Zanetti, Managing Director of Next Solutions, the company that manages all aspects of GetMore. “We are always looking for ways to improve our customer service and to see how we can add real value to our members’ experiences. For a business that operates 24/7, live chat has been a hugely successful feature as it enables us to enrich the customer service commitment that we are so proud of.”

The agency responsible for GetMore’s website and the live chat feature is Stratitude. The full service agency also runs GetMore’s social media, direct marketing, sales, internal communication and member engagement marketing.
“As one of our integrated accounts, GetMore has always given us so many opportunities to really push the envelope. We firstly look at the user experience and then integrate it with our marketing channels and tools,” says Sylvia Schutte, Managing Director of Stratitude, which has won several digital and direct marketing awards over the past three years.

“The live chat tool is by no means new technology, but many companies shy away from it as it needs to be serviced 24 hours a day. For this very reason, it made perfect business sense to add it to GetMore’s customer service offering. Along with the web platform, call centre, email, and social media platforms, live chat provides an additional communication channel that enhances GetMore’s commitment to customer service.”

Live chat enables a company to talk to visitors of their website in real time. Whether it’s a sales tool or part of the customer service journey, live chat is cost-effective, easy to track and provides more flexibility than a phone call. Text-based transcripts are readily available, allowing the company to analyse data such as number of visitors, chat requests accepted or ignored, and chat duration. By analysing this data you can more effectively monitor staff performance, and you have a more complete picture of the user experience, enabling you to implement better marketing strategies.

“Since we installed live chat on the website, the uptake has been phenomenal, with an average chat duration of 15 minutes – and many of these happening after hours. What we’ve discovered is that GetMore members really enjoy using the feature. It’s instantaneous, convenient, and takes away the inconvenience of having to make a phone call or send an email,” states Schutte. “It’s also been hugely beneficial for the GetMore contact centre agents as it makes support easy, hassle free and instant.”

According to Schutte, the live chat requests are from members using the GetMore products and services, but also from website visitors looking for more information about the programme. This provides the ideal opportunity for contact centre agents to convert them into new GetMore members.

“The implementation of live chat has been a great success for us. By combining this tool with our traditional phone support, it has enabled us to assist the GetMore members more effectively. Not only has this added huge value to the user experience but it has allowed us to improve our customer service levels,” concludes Zanetti.