Stratitude, Altech Netstar’s social media agency, was recently tasked to develop and implement a campaign to promote the company’s Safe and Sound product offering and to educate consumers on the products.

The agency has been managing Altech Netstar’s social media account for the past two years, which gave the agency insight into how the channel communities respond to information and how to promote products.

“The benefits and features of our tracking devices can be seen as quite technical and high end,” says Lawrence Wordon, Marketing and Sales Executive of Altech Netstar. “Stratitude came up with a unique and fresh concept to first focus on the consumer needs in terms of peace of mind and vehicle safety when they’re on and off the road, and then showcase our unique product benefits and features that alleviate those concerns.”

“Social media is a very versatile medium that allows you to target your audience more specifically, unpack product information more thoroughly, and it gives you the opportunity to engage directly with and track your communities. Not only are these platforms drivers in their usability, but they also allow for a variety of mediums to be used,” explains Schutte.

“We developed three campaign concepts which are rolled out over a nine month period,” says Schutte. The first campaign, ‘Worry Less’ is currently being implemented across Altech Netstar’s website and social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. “We are using a mixture of content to engage with communities such as posts, blog articles, infographics and a series of videos.”

So far the campaign is achieving brilliantly with engagement outperforming any campaigns run to date.

Schutte adds that “social media is ever changing, and it has been proven over and over again that by not utilising a social media marketing strategy, your business is not only missing out on a huge marketing opportunity but more importantly, on sales leads.”